Cancellation Returns

Return is a scheme provided by most honourable respective sellers directly under this policy in terms of which the options of exchange, replacement and refund is offered by the respective sellers to our guest\customers. All products listed under a particular category may not have the same return policies as gadget has other returns policies and books have others or clothes have others.for all products the policies on the product page shall prevail over the general return policies ,. do refer the respective items applicable return policies on the product . The return policies is given below. kindly read all sections carefully to understand the conditions and cases under which returns will be accepted.

BOOKS:- 10 Days refund or replacement in case of diamaged product or wrong product only.

APPARON:- 7 days return or refundable only in case of diamaged product or size issues.

BAGS\SHOES:- 7 days \refundable return policies in case of diamaged or size problems. if no issues then no return is accepted.


In case of return where you would like items to be picked up from a different adress, the adress can only be changedif pick-up service is available at new adress other wise not. and our respected sellers have right to do not accept other pick up location as for both are valuable for me but sellers are also important for kindly return your product at that adress where product are delivered 1st time already.

During pick -up, your product will be checked by our courier partners\courier boys for the following condition..

    1:- IMEI\Name\Image\Brand\Serial no.\Article no.\Bar code should match and MRP tag should be detached and clearly visible.This is the symbol of correct product.

    2:- For complete product , All in the box acessories like remotes control, starter kits, instructions manuals , charger, headphones etc freebies and combos should present. Gift items like staples, book cover paper and tapes are also present..

    3:-The product shoul be unused, unwashed, unsoiled, without any stains and with non- tampered quality check seals\warranty seals (wherever applicable). Before returning a Mobile\Laptop\Tablet, the device should be formatted and screen Lock (Pin, Pattern, or Fingerprint) must be disabled for apple devices. This is the symbol of unused product. so return as it is when you got the product at the time of delivery.

    4:-For undamaged product ,The product should (including SIM trays\ charging port\Headphones port, back- panel etc ) should be undamaged and without any scratches, dents, tears, or holes.

    5:-For undamaged packing, Product s original packaging/ box should be undamaged.

    The field executive\our tie up courier company\ courier boy will refuse to accept the return if any of the above condition are not met. For any products, for which a refund is to be given, the refundl will be given only in case when sellers accept the return product and agree to receive return product sent by you\ customers.


    1:-In certain cases where the sellers is unable to process a replacement for any reasons whatsover, a refund will be given..

    2:- During open box deliveries, while accepting your order, if you received a diamaged or different product you will be given a refund. Once you have accepted an open box deliveries, no return request will be processed, except for manufacturing defects. In such cases, this category specific replacement\return general condition will be applicable.

    3:- For products where installation is provided by , do not open the product packaging by authorised personnel shall help in unboxing and installation of the product.


    1:-Dear customers\Guest I request you when you will get our shipment or delivery box by our courier tie-up partner boys .Kindly you are requested to click at least one photograph.If possible make the video of whole process. So that if wrong product\ Diamaged product will be sent by sellers , our team will solve the problems.

    2:-Dear guest we are not fully responsible for the wrong\diamaged product. Every body knows, Product will be sent by our sellers and shipped by our tie up courier partner .It may happen that our seller will and shipped by courier partner. IT may happen that our sellers will send wrong\ diamaged product or it may also be said that our courier company or courier boys open the box and fill the box by others iems. So, I request you to clicl the photo or during breaking the packet seal ,Kindly make the videos .As , it will also happen that you have got a kind product but you exchange the product by wrong\diamaged product.

    3:-Yes, we and our team are available for you in 24*7 but if you do not have click a right pic ( Including seal and all types of invoice details) and sellers said that I have sent a kind product and also courier will also said that no wrong items is dispatched or no item is exchanged . Then in this condition ''YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE''.

    Our team will only coperate or help you to solve these type of problems.